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San Antonio Liquid Applied Roofing Systems

Are you a San Antonio commercial property owner that has been frustrated by the effectiveness and the cost to maintain your current roofing system on top of your building? Does your Tar and Gravel roof have issues? Then maybe you should be like the many other business owners that have switched over to liquid applied roof coatings.
Liquid applied roofing systems (also known as chemically applied or fluidly applied roofing systems) are the perfect way to repair your existing commercial flat roof or as the roofing material of choice for a new business property you are building. If you should choose to go with this type of roofing system, then there is no more experienced and reliable roofing contractor in San Antonio to get that work done for you than ‘Done Right Roofing’.

We have an unbeatable combination of personnel that has helped to establish us as one of the premier commercial roofing companies in San Antonio, Texas. It starts with our very knowledgeable sales staff that helping you select the ideal chemically applied roofing product for your commercial flat roof. After that, our well-trained and highly-efficient roofing technicians will perfectly install the liquid applied roofing product that you chose.

Once your roofing job is complete, you will then get the same satisfaction guarantee that we give all of our happy roofing customers in San Antonio and the vicinity.

What Exactly Is A Liquid Applied Roof Coating?

All too often commercial buildings leak because the material on top of them is too rigid and heavy so it develops cracks over time or has seams that eventually open up and let water through. That can be a big problem for your San Antonio commercial property’s contents that are sitting below that leaky roof section. A leaky roof can destroy inventory, ruin office space and even shut down production.

So cracks and seams can be a potentially huge problem for any commercial roof. That is why roofing product manufacturers started to look for a better and more permanent commercial roofing material solution. Out of that search chemically applied roofing systems were born and each year they continue to rapidly take over a bigger percentage of the commercial roof coating market.

A fluid applied roof system satisfies many of the requirements that business owners were looking for in regards to what they wanted from a commercial flat roof coating.

Liquid applied roofing systems were fairly simple to install, lacked the seams that plagued many other types of commercial roofing material and were designed to hold up well for a long period of time.

This new renaissance in commercial roofing coatings only continues to grow each and every day. It is a roofing material that frees business owners from the frequent headaches that seem inherent with other types of commercial flat roof systems.

An Easy To Install and Maintain Commercial Flat Roofing Choice

Why choose a liquid applied roofing system for your next commercial flat roof repair or for your surface of choice on your next commercial flat roof? The answer to this question lies in the way commercial flat roofs have been constructed for years.

For years and years commercial building owners had very few choices on how they waterproofed the flat roofs on their buildings. Most of the time this was done using heavy and messy built up roofing materials such as built-up roofs (commonly known as tar and gravel roofs).

Eventually rubber roofs started to be installed along with other types of layered roofing material. All of these proved to not last as long as commercial building owners would have liked and they were also very tedious to install. That is why the introduction of liquid applied roofing systems into the marketplace brought big smiles to many commercial property owners faces.

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                        The Advantages of Using Liquid Applied Roofing Systems

Maybe you are not convinced that a fluid applied commercial flat roofing product is right for your business’s roof. Take a look at the many advantages that liquid applied roofing systems can offer your commercial buildings flat roof:

  • Cost effective

Because it’s a long lasting and durable roofing material it makes sense to apply this type of commercial flat roof coating. Liquid applied commercial flat roofing systems do not require a huge installation expense and under normal weather conditions do not break down at all over time.

  • Easy to install

There are no other types of commercial roof coatings that are easier to prep and install than fluid applied roofing systems. Especially if you are as highly skilled and well-trained as our commercial roofing technicians are. They know exactly how to prep and apply each type of commercial roof coating that we use so that it cots evenly and does its job well into the future.
Easy installation of this product also reduces the number of potential problems during the installation process so your project will get completed on time.

  • Non-invasive installation

Not only is a liquid applied roofing system fairly simple and straightforward to install but it also will impact your business’s day to day operation in a very minimal way. There are no huge piles or stacks of roofing material lying around that can possibly get in the way as your workers go about their jobs.

  • Seamless application

Flat roof leaks San Antonio are often caused by roofing materials that crack over time or have seams that fail. That is what makes liquid applied roof coatings so ideal for any business flat roof application. They go on smooth and there are no seams when the work is finished that can open up and potentially become a big leaking problem.

  • The perfect retrofit material

Most liquid applied roof coatings that we use have a polyurethane or two-part epoxy base. That means that with a slight amount of prep work they can be attached to any type of existing surface you have on your commercial flat roof. That makes them a logical and very cost effective means for repairing or retrofitting your nuisance San Antonio commercial roof.

  • Promotes energy savings

Many of the fluid applied roof coatings that we use are very reflective in nature. This gives them the additional benefit of being able to save you money as they do not absorb all of the heat from the sun’s rays as it hits them. This can save you a lot of money on your San Antonio business’s cooling bill.
Also, since these roof coatings are seamless and crack resistant they do not allow for a lot of energy loss through your commercial buildings roof either.

  • Easy to repair

With certain types of commercial roofs whole sections need to be torn out and replaced in order to make a leak repair. That is definitely not the case with chemically applied roof coatings.
The reason for this is that any repair coats will attach easily to the old coat of liquid applied roofing material with just a small amount of prep work. So even in the unlikely event that your liquid applied roof coating does need a repair you are not looking at a huge unexpected business expense.

Why Choose Us To Install a Liquid Applied Commercial Flat Roofing System For You?

Ours skilled commercial flat roof repair technicians know exactly how to apply a fluid applied roofing system so it is done right and done on schedule. We pay attention to even the smallest details and we don’t cut corners. Our personnel is kept up to date on the latest products and application methods too. We only use the highest quality roofing products and these are applied using the best equipment available for the job.

When it comes to roof repair San Antonio, very few companies can brag about the amount of satisfaction their customers have gotten from the work they have done for them. We pride ourselves on satisfying each and every commercial roofing customer who contracts with us to handle a roofing project for them. We believe no job is truly complete unless you are 100% pleased with the work we have done.

Not only is all of work guaranteed but we are also fully licensed and insured. That is the way we ensure you will have a high level of peace of mind throughout a roof repair or installation as we complete that project for you. We also offer free on-site inspections and detailed estimates.

So if you are tired of dealing with a leaky San Antonio commercial flat roof or want the best roof coating possible on your new commercial building, then give us a call so you can get that project done the right way. We are sure once you contract with us to do that San Antonio commercial roof repair or installation that your name will be added to our long list of satisfied commercial roofing customers.

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Our Offerings

Why Us?

We hand pick each member of our Done Right Roofing Team from the best Texas has to offer.
Each one of our roofers has been vetted in several important ways:
1) Background check

We know how important a roofing job it. It is the very foundation of a safe home. Except… it’s not the foundation. It is, of course, the roof. It is essential to the safety of your home. We hire contractors will spotless backgrounds to ensure that your home is in trustworthy hands.
2) Experience

            Just as a well done roof is vital for the safety of your home or place of business, it is a primary element of aesthetic importance. It is like the hairdo of your house, and as they say in Universal City, the only thing more important than an honest mind is a good hairdo.

Our roof specialists will make sure your roof looks good down to the tiniest detail. Structural integrity is King, but Beauty is Queen. Behind every strong King is the Feminine embodiment of Divine Beauty, and behind every strong roof, whether you live in Shavano Park or Garden Ridge, is Done Right Roofing of San Antonio, Texas.
3) Personality

There are lots of great roofers out there, many of whom have great backgrounds. How are we supposed to choose the members of our elite roof maintenance and repair squad?
The answer is this: Character.

A cohesive and cooperative team is one of the many reasons Done Right is the top roofing company in San Antonio. We know our company will stay together and grow organically, satisfying customers for the long haul, because of the people. The people are the most important element.
For a roofing project it is necessary to have several hands on deck. On roof.

Our roofing experts communicate efficiently and courteously with one another to ensure that the job gets done thoroughly. Our support staff undergoes the same careful selection process as our roofers. We care that your experience on the phone with us is just as positive as your experience meeting the roofers at the worksite. Whether you live in Lackland or Leon Valley, Converse or Kirby, we guarantee you courteous treatment. The customer is always right!
Done Right Roofers of San Antonio always use the best materials, and we find them for you at the best price.

Are wondering if you should replace your roof?
Give us a call and we’ll come over and do an inspection.
In the meantime, you can look for the following telltale signs that its time for something new.


1) The Shingles ​​​​​​​are compromised. Or, “Everything you ever wanted to know about shingles.”
            The shingles of your roof will tell you a lot you need to know about the condition your roof is in, and if its time to call in the experts!
            If the singles are missing, there are two possibilities. First, there may have just been a storm. If that is the case, one or two missing shingles is not a serious problem. Yes, it would be ideal to replace them as soon as possible to protect your roof. No, it does not mean that there is an underlying reason for the deterioration of your roof.
            If there hasn’t been a storm, you have a potentially more worrisome situation. If shingles start to fall off on their own, for no apparent reason, it is probably the beginning of a trend. In this situation, it is recommended that you replace your roof soon. It is not worth waiting for the shingles to continue falling until you can’t stand the eyesore. If you call Done Right Roof Repair right away when you notice this problem, we will salvage as much as possible and reinforce your roof from further breakdown.
            Missing granules, on the other hand, are not quite so serious. It is not pretty to see shingles missing granules, but a few missing granules on their own will not necessarily mean any threat to your home. Please call us and tell us about what the issue is, and we will give you a competitive price to fix it. Upkeep and gradual maintenance is the best way to avoid accidents and expensive repairs, so when little things go wrong, pay attention. It is probably a home or office space that needs some TLC!

            If the shingles are collapsing or buckling, do not wait. This results from structural no-nos, such as a malfunctioning ventilation system. You want your ventilation system to be up and running smoothly so that you can breathe easy.
They may be buckling because the initial layer was applied incorrectly. These wrinkles will worsen with time and weather, so it is best to nip this problem in the bud.

            Another reason your shingles might be buckling is that they are on top of an old layer of shingles! Hard to believe, but a roofing service might have cut a major corner in the past, and now you have to pay for it. Luckily, we are pros at removing the old shingles and replacing your roof with something durable. We will always give you the best price to do so.

Are your shingles splitting?

            Shingles split when they are stressed out, like a headache. Splitting… get it? Anyway, the stress on your shingles might come from being walked on too much. Should this be the case, it is easy to repair. If not, that means the shingles are probably splitting due to their age. If you have a case of old shingles, there is nothing to do but start anew!

We will replace your roof in a timely manner and set you up for many years of study roof security.

LET’S TALK MOISTURE for a minute.
            You might notice spotting on the ceiling from the inside of your house. Make sure your attic isn’t showing moisture. If it isn’t, then likely you are suffering from a leaky roof. When moisture infiltrates the shingles of your roof, it will slowly but surely begin the rotting process. If you notice rot, do not hesitate! Call Done Right Roofers and we will prevent this dangerous and unsanitary situation from progressing any further. The rotting may manifest in blistering shingles. This is perfectly normal for shingles that are not properly ventilated. Unfortunately, not all roofing companies were created equally, so we may have to correct for a job poorly done in the past.
​  Not only will we replace your roof, but we will do so at minimal cost to you. Our Done Right Roofing promise is that we won’t make any rookie mistakes. You have our guarantee that your roof will be built correctly, from a smooth foundation layer to proper ventilation and protective sealing.

Ok everyone, the Fall Season is now here and the rain is coming and your roofs need to be fixed so that no new leaks appear. If your roof is needing any work please feel free to call us or email us on the contact us form. We want to help you save your walls and floors from water damage. 
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